OMD Hangman

Can you remember that game that you played many years ago "Hang Man" you know, some one writes down a word, and you have to guess it. But each time you get a letter wrong a gallows gets built ready to Hang the man.
Well, once again as part of the OMD section you can now play OMD Hang Man, can you save Andy,Paul,Mal or Mart  from being hung? Do you want some fun? if you do all all have to do is follow these links

To Hang Andy Just Click Here 

To Hang Paul Just Click Here 

To Hang Mal Just Click here 

To Hang Martin Just Click Here 

If you can think of any song titles that I missed feel free to mail me
But most of all have fun on yet another unique
Motion & Heart, the interactive OMD fan based site.. 

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