The Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Quiz
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The questions and answers in this quiz come from many different sources, including: Telegraph Fanzine, Message, and Tour Programmes. The quiz is only for fun, so please enjoy it.

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1. What does OMD Stand For ?
Orrible Men Dancing Oh Me Doh Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark O My Day

2. What is significant about the track "66 and fading" ?

3. What was the song "Gravity Never Failed" originally called?
Sealand Georgia Promise Sugar Tax

4. What Colour is the telephone box that has the number 632 3003

5.What is the catalogue number of  OMD dep2
dep1 dep2 dep3 dep4

6. Which famous artist inspired the cover of "Crush"
Martin Cooper Martha and The Muffins Edward Hopper

7. What was the "Best Of OMD" Album Originally called?
OMD Messages I Love OMD OMD The Best Album-Ever

8. Julia's Song was original a ID Song, can you name another OMD song that was written by the ID?
Bunker Soldiers Enola Gay Radio Wave Talking Loud And Clear

9. What Is Andy McCluskey's Middle Name?
George Andy Paul Martin

10. Did Mal Holmes Work On The Theme Music To "Brookside"
No Yes

11. What was the name of the reel-to-reel Tape recorder used in the early days?
Ethel Cranston Winston Charles

12. The pre OMD band VCL X1 was named after one of the valves shown on the back of the album sleeve "Radioactivity" by Kraftwerk
True  False

13. Andy McCluskey used to work for the Customs and Excise?
True False

14. OMD Have a unreleased song called "Whole Again"
True False

15. OMD Have a unreleased song called "Resist The Sex Act"
True False

16. OMD performed a live session with Barry White
True False

17. The album Architecture & Morality was named after a book called "Architecture & Morality"
True False

18. OMD performed a live gig for a private Police Men's Ball
True False

19. Enola Gay was single from which album?
Crush Sugar Tax The Pacific Age Organisation 

20. "If You Leave" featured in which film
12 days ET Porkys Pretty In Pink

21. Which OMD single never had a promo video?
Enola Gay If You Leave Walking On The Milky Way Joan Of Arc

22. Which famous football team did Andy McCluskey's Dad once play for?
Manchester United Liverpool Everton Celtic

23. In 1985 OMD Sponsored a sporting event, what was it?
A football match A horse Race A Cricket Match A Snooker Game 

24. Which OMD song, that was released as a single was about disabled people?
Pandora's Box Messages Locomotion  Talking Loud And Clear

25. Was the song "Hold You" ever close to being released as a single?
No Yes

26. Enola Gay was named after what
A Porn Star A Gay Friend The plane that dropped the atom bomb over Hiroshima A Donkey

27. Who originally recorded "Sunday Morning"?
Kraftwerk The ID Gary Numan Velvet Underground

28. "Waiting For The Man" was originally recorded by who?
Velvet Underground The Smiths James Pet Shop Boys

29. Paul, Mal and Martin left OMD to start which group?
OMD Revisited The Listening Pool The ID VCL X1

30. Electricity was OMD's First single?
True False

31. What was the Catalogue Number of Electricity?
OMD1 DND12 Fac 6 Virgin00025

32. OMD Once had there own studio in Liverpool City Center, what was it called?
The Studio Garden City The Gramophone Suite In My Liverpool Home

33. What was the record company that gave OMD there break
Virgin Factory Records AM PM

34. "You Say You Got To Go Now" comes from which song?
Stay Messages Taking Loud And Clear Sailing On The Seven Seas

35. What was the "Little Boy" from Enola Gay
A friend The name of the Atomic Bomb A disabled child

36. The song "Boy From The Chemist" was originated by what memory
Condoms A collection box A Chemist Worker

37. The Song "Watch Us Fall" is about the demise of OMD
True False

38. In The video for "Talking Load And Clear" what did Andy dress up as?
A girl A Scarecrow A rabbit A Donkey

39. For OMD fans there used to be a popular fanzine, what was it called?
Messages FAC Its Universal Telegraph

40. A less know fanzine was once started, this was called "Winston"
True False

41. What song do the words "No,No,No" come from
Locomotion Messages Tesla Girls If You Leave

42. "I Can't Imagine My Destination" came from which song?
Souvenir Sugar Tax Universal So In Love

43."I Was So Impressed By You" came from which single?
Joan Of Arc Maid Of Orleans Dreaming So In Love

44. What is the name of the old club that OMD played at in Liverpool, before getting there break?
Dan's Den Eric's Club Cream The Message

45. A Public House stands very close to the famous "Red Frame" phone box, what is it called?
Pub By The Box The Railway Inne Good Beer The Hare And Hounds

46. Who Was Peter Saville?
The Tea Boy The Original OMD Sleeve Designer A Band member

47. Who was Tony Wilson
The Boss At Factory Records A Singer Head of Virgin Records A Dancer

48. Who Was Dave Hughes?
An Ex Member of OMD A Member Of Depeche Mode A Landlord A Member of The Listening Pool

49. The "Weir Bothers" joined OMD and became part of the band
True False

50. Andy McCluskey co wrote a song that reached number one in 2001, what was the name of the song?

51. Final question. Out of all the OMD singles which is my personal favorite?


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