The Ultimate OMD Fan Quiz
The Ultimate OMD Fan Quiz
Are You a OMD Fan?
Are You Sure You Are An OMD Fan?
OMD should do one final gig to say good bye
Highly Agree
No Opinion
Highly Disagree
Which is the best OMD site on the net
Open All Hours (The OMD Section:Clue this is mine ;-))
The official OMD Site
Pats World Of OMD ( This was the first OMD site on the net :-))
Its your childs birthday,for a party do you;
hire a play area
hire a hall, playing only OMD tracks
buy your child dazzle ships
have a bouncy castle
Your Daughters/Son boyfriend/Girfriend comes round for tea for the first time. do you
show him/her the family photos
act pretty normal
show him your OMD collection
go into great depth in conversation throughout OMD's career
Your child Can Not Sleep Do You
put OMD live at drury lane video on
see who can do the best Andy dance impressions
sort out some colouring stuff
set a tent up in the garden
You meet another OMD fan and get talking about Crush, the album. Would you describe crush as
A crap album
A nice album
A diverse album
Its my favorite OMD album
Do you own the following videos? Live At Dury Lane,Crush The Movie,The Best Of OMD,A Short Film About Sugar
You are in a Super Market, Enola Gay comes over the speakers do you
Carry on shopping
Hum the tune
Whistle the tune
Shout at the top of your voice "Its OMD" then start dancing, like Andy
Do you know the telephone number to the "Red Frame White Light" phone box
Yes it is 3213003
Yes it is 6322002
Yes it is 6323003
Do you visit and contribute to all the OMD forums
OMD forum whats one of them?
Yes somtimes
I visit them everyday
For the female OMD fans:Is Andy's Arse the best
I am male!(same marks as the correct girls answer)
Its a nice arse
Its a diverse arse
Its the best... ever
In a restaurant someone whispers "Can I tell you a secret." You ... (This question sent in by Silvia)
Say" "Sure, go ahead."
shake your head as " My Secret are these haemorrhoids " doesn't work
Say "Oo-o-oh" after every sentence
Yell "Seeecret" as loud as you can

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